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Journalism and copywriting
Thanks very much, Tina. Enjoyed this very much." 

Tony Turnbull, food and drink editor, The Times

Very nice, handy piece, Tina. Thank you
Liam Fitzpatrick, senior editor, TIME

Hi Tina, thanks for the piece today, I was very pleased with it.

Justine Hancock, health editor, Daily Mail

This is great.

Lisa Scott, travel editor, Metro

This is great, thanks.

Jessica Johnson, features editor, Coast

I very much enjoyed the story you wrote about Jenny Kennedy and wondered if you would be interested in writing a story for this year’s magazine.
Beth Taylor, editor, Super Lawyers (a Thomson Reuters business publication)

Your Scotland piece was a pleasure to read and thank you for your attention to factual accuracy! Usually, the fact-checking process is quite onerous.
Matthew Crawford, editor, Morning Calm (Korean Air)
Thanks very much for all your hard work, and I'm glad we've ended up with two really nice pieces.
Zoe Ross, editor, Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Guides

Thanks, Tina, that looks great. 

Fran Power, editor, Cara (Aer Lingus inflight magazine)

Just had a quick read and enjoyed your piece.
Debbie Lewis, features editor, CSMA Club Magazine (Civil Service membership magazine)

I worked with Tina on a couple of client projects that needed a very quick turnaround. She was fast and efficient and offered some insightful input.
Amy Cuthbertson, Amy Cuthbertson Communications

We were looking for someone who could update our existing copy and give it a fresh tone and style. Tina did that and more - she was quick and accurate and got the job done, no fuss. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services.

Duncan Scobie, communications manager, Marketing Leeds

We've hired Tina on around six or seven occasions for various client copywriting projects, and she's always delivered top quality work that clients are more than happy with.

Nicola Sahota, director, gstm Media

I was extremely impressed by Tina's copywriting services. She was quick to grasp the brief and gain a thorough understanding of our client's requirements.
Suzanne Hudson, head of Red Squirrel Media

Journalism and travel writing courses/PR pitching workshop
I really can't thank you enough for running such a great course. Feedback from your students has been excellent - they clearly enjoyed it and felt they learnt a lot.
Jamie Elliott, director, London Journalism Centre

Tina's online travel writing course was really beneficial. I got help with pitching, contacts and making the most of social media and freelance platforms. As someone who works from home, one of the most valuable aspects was getting advice on all those little things you get stuck on and stew over. Tina was encouraging and supportive throughout.
Georgia Grimond, freelance journalist

I'd done some travel writing before but was completely at sea when it came to structuring pitches, building up my Twitter profile and learning how to deal with PRs. Tina's guidance was invaluable and I now feel far more professional in my approach both to travel writing and pitching to editors.
Ronan O'Shea, freelance journalist

I joined Tina's course because I needed to break out of a rut. Tina helped me identify new potential outlets and provided guidance on how to work with travel PRs and tourist boards. She also gave me useful tips on how to craft better pitches. 
Isabel Putinja, travel writer

Tina's travel writing course was very well structured and covered the basics of finding ideas and angles as well as developing feature stories and finding a tone of voice. I was extremely pleased to have my first two pitches picked up by Guardian Travel.
Jean-Yves Gilg, freelance journalist

I booked on Tina's Pitching Workshop in order to refine my skills and ensure I'm providing the best practice PR for my clients. Tina was great and provided invaluable information that will prove extremely useful.
Jessica Gillingham, director, Sockeye PR

Tina’s insight into the challenges and requirements of the travel media was invaluable and it was great to be able to share ideas for potential pitches with her.
Amanda Brown, director, A2B PR

Tina created and delivered two workshops for students on the MA Corporate Communications & Public Relations course. They were well executed, informative and fun.
Tony Byng, programme director, MA Corporate Communications & Public Relations at Leeds University Business School


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